Missing Van Gogh Painting Discovered

A painting from one of the world’s most famous painter’s has recently been discovered and revealed at a museum in Amsterdam. It had thought to be a painting of an unknown painter, but once carefully examined with new technology the painting was confirmed as a Van Gogh original. “Still Life with Meadow Flowers and Roses” has officially been announced as one of Vincent Van Gogh’s last works of art before his death.

Vincent Van Gogh is considered of the most talented artists to have ever lived. He is the creator of paintings like Starry Night, Flowers and Iris. These are all widely popular painting and all are incredible valuable. Portrait of Dr. Gachet, also by Van Gogh sold for a whopping $82.5 million.

Still Life with Meadow Flowers and Roses was always thought to be the work of an unknown artist. The piece of art was put under new X-Ray machines, and an under painting was found of two wrestlers. Under paintings of wrestlers was a popular trait of Van Gogh. This and a couple other traits of the painting finalized experts to believe this was one of Van Gogh’s lost works. It was supposedly kept for years in Vincent’s brothers personal collection.

I think finding a new painting of Van Gogh is amazing. Many of these famous artists are displayed all over the world through museums. Many people think that we will never find anything new by these artists, but this is exactly what happened. Opportunities like these really make the world seem like a huge and mysterious place.

The painting will be shown off at The Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam later this month on September 27th.

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