MTV Presents: Catfish

A little bit over a year ago MTV premiered a movie called Catfish. To sum it up, it was about a guy who fell in love over Face book and when it came time to meet the girl of his dreams, she turned out to be a middle aged married woman, with kids, and a life. This online relationship went on for about a year before the actually met and of course the whole journey was documented and became a hit independent movie. Naturally because it got so popular MTV made a tv show called catfish. The show has the same theme as the movie with the main character from the movie being asked to do research and help these other love struck E-Daters meet the loves of their lives.

As entertaining as the show is, how long can a show like this really lasts? The viewers have experienced true love stories and ones not so great and honestly pretty unfortunate. How long will people continue to let themselves be “catfished” and broadcasts on everyone’s television every Tuesday? At what point does a authentic show become scripted and non-believable? I feel like a show like this can last forever but I’m sure the great minds at MTV will find a way for this cash cow to be on our airways for some time to come. For the sake of the people who really do need help finding loved ones I hope they get a chance to find them.

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