Multitasking is a recipe for failure

As a an up-and-coming contributor of society, I have every intention of being as effective and efficient as I can be. As are most people in my generation. We have and all can agree that we prefer to do as many things as we can at once then to be paced and go one by one through all the things we want to do. But who are we fooling? Most of us know that we are not as effective when we multitask.

Sometimes when I am at home, I am watching Tv, cooking and checking amy phone.  I feel. So I guess this makes me invincable. And although I can get through all of these activities efficiently, maybe this method isn’t as beneficial for every aspect in my life.

The textbook states that “attention is a critical component of learning.” So this means that although you might be able to read Chapter 3 and listen to your music player at the same time. The actual information that you are obtaining will not stick. It is proven that to learn you have to be attentive and how attentive can you be when there are multiple things coming at your focus at once? And although you do think that you are focusing. You are not.

I think to truly capture concepts in aspect that matter in your life like business and education. We need to learn to find a medium and cap the attention and use it efficiently on the most important things. So while it might be ok to listen to your ipod and cook. It might not be the best idea to listen to it while you study.


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