Musician Chris Brown Has Been Booted Out of Rehab and Was Taken Into Custody

Singer Chris Brown was booted out of a drug rehab, then taken by Los Angeles County Sheriff deputies on Friday, March 14th. Brown was ordered by a court order to enter the drug-rehab since June 2009. This goes back to the incident of physical abuse towards singer Rihanna.

Chris Brown is making wrong choices that will only hurt him, not help. If you get in trouble with the law, then you should follow all rules and cooperate with the facility. As an entertainer, the more trouble you get into can cause the public to give you more attention. Chris Brown is pulling the oldest trick in the book. I feel that Chris Brown does not care whatsoever about fixing his personal problems at all.

Chris Brown has had two revokes on his probation by a judge, one of them involving the arrest of Brown by the White House because he punched a man.

Another incident included Brown getting kicked out of a rehab because he threw a rock at his mom’s car. Apparently Chris Brown was mad at his mom because she recommended that he stay in rehab.

It is so pathetic that Chris Brown thinks he can do whatever he wants, and feels that no one should say anything to him. Men in his category are stupid and ignorant. They will most likely be that way their entire life and will not change at all.

However the most recent rehab in Los Angeles Brown was kicked out of is still under speculation why he got kicked out.

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