My Amazing Weekend in Gainesville

I recently went to Gainesville to spend some time with my girlfriend because our three year anniversary was this weekend. I know this really isn’t news worthy but it is something that i find truly amazing and beautiful. As I mentioned before my girlfriend and I have been dating for three years. I know this doesn’t seem like an accomplishment but we have been through so much and it’s nice to realize what an amazing journey we have been on and continue to go through. But more importantly let me up date you on the weekend I shared with my girlfriend.

We had a very active weekend including going to a lake, watching movies, going to the pool and eating in several different restaurants. When we went to this lake called Lake Walburg, we kayaked in the lake and tanned after words. We also drove around and we ended up back at her apartment complex where we sat together next to the pool and enjoyed our selves.  We also watched 2 movies together which is something I love to do with my girlfriend since we have very similar tastes in film. We watched The wolf of Wall street, and Dark Shadows. The wolf of Wall street was a very well made film, from the acting to the directing everything was on point.

The other movie we watched was dark shadows, which the only thing that i can say about it was that it was less then desirable. I don’t understand how a movie with great actors and a pretty good idea turned into such a catastrophe. anyways the restaurants that i ate were 4rivers which is always delicious, and a pizza place called Leonardo’s which has the best garlic roles. These garlic roles are soft and doughy and are served with a buttery garlic sauce which made them all the more delicious. Overall this weekend was very peaceful and very rewarding that I was able to share it with my girl friend.


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