My Experience at Universal Knights

Last night marked my first experience doing the universal knights. Although waiting in line for my ticket a couple weeks ago was terrible (especially that i waited from 3:00 to about 8:15ish) I was happy that I was able to proceed with this experience. For those of you Who do not know what Universal Knights is, it is an event where UCF students go to Islands of Adventure in Universal Studios for free with their class mates.

Overall it was a fun experience, I was able to go to Islands of Adventure and spend it with my girlfriend and my friends. I was also able to see the Harry Potter section of the park which i had never gotten to see, and I was ultimately happy with the experience in general. At first there were a lot of people in the park, but that was due to the guests who were there in the morning. However, once the previous guests went home and it was just the UCF students it ended up being a very unique and fun experience to have with my peers.

I started off the experience by doing and attraction called Poseidon’s Fury, in which its an attraction you walk through and follows a story. I did however felt that they needed to renovate the ride due in large part of the attraction feeling dated. Then i met up with friends and spent most of the night in the Harry potter world. I was able to ride the Harry Potter Experience which although it made me a bit dizzy, it was actually pretty fun. And then ended the night with The Amazing Spider man ride. Over all the experience was a fun one and I look forward to doing it next year.

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