My Experience with Transitioning to College After Graduating High School

       I came from a high school called Somerset Academy that was actually connected to a middle school as well, so I was there for seven years of my life. Seven years of seeing the same people everyday, every school year. It wasn’t a big school either, I believe there was about 600 people in the entire high school so everyone knew who everyone was. Just like every other high school, it was drama central and being that it was a smaller school, everyone wanted to know about every detail of your life. I got use to it, by the end it didn’t even phase me anymore but I also knew that chapter of my life was coming to an end.

       What I didn’t realize was how incredibly easy life was when I was in high school. Getting the grades was a breeze, and everything was practically done for me all the time. When I got to the University of Central Florida, although I was extremely excited to be away from home and start up a new life in college, that new life came with a lot of new responsibilites. I’ve always considered myself a pretty independent person so I didn’t mind the new chores, or financial obligations but I have to admit that there were a lot of new things to take care of. No more laundry done for me, no more bills being paid for me, I was a solo show.

       Now I was in this huge 60,000 person populated University where no one knew my name, and no one cared what I’ve done, or who I was with, or who I am. It was a fresh start, a new beginning and I strangley liked it. Freshman year at UCF was amazing, I have plenty of developed photographs to prove that and my second year has started off just as great. I’ve met so many people and lost track of so many others. Although, it was weird not seeing the people that I had pratically grew up with for 7 years of my life at Somerset, I wasn’t suprised that I didn’t keep in touch with half of them after high school. That’s life, people drift and I left most of those people exactly where they belonged, in my past.

Now I couldn’t be more proud to call myself a University of Central Florida Knight!

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