My Experience with Watching The Game Of Thrones Television Show For The First Time

I believe this show is from the 12 or 1300’s. Let me start by saying that I thank God that I was not born in this era. Yes, the show was interesting but I would hate to have lived throughout everything they had to go through. The women are treated as objects and whores. They were good only to please men and make male babies. The men held all the say, there were kings and queens that dictated in ways that only maybe Hitler or Bin Laden could admire. There was so much killing every single day. Nobodies life was safe or worth much at all.

They killed in the most disgusting and cruel ways. It seemed like the jobs of some of the people were strictly to come up with creative ways of ending people’s lives. Slowly and very painfully. Brothers and sisters committing incest. Killing siblings for the throne, the whole nine. The reason I watched this show was because my best friend and his roommates are all obsessed with it now. Although I find some parts utterly despicable, the show is oddly catchy and entertaining.

To think that events like these actually happened at one point in time is rather heart aching but I presume that it’s good to be cultured on the times in our world’s history. It’s amazing to see how much we have grown through out the decades and to think of a world that is like the one that they portray in the show is hard to believe. You see movies that are from the medieval times often but thinking of having a life in an era that is in every way foreign to what we have now is a totally different perspective.

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