My First Actual Interaction With a Television Reporter From Fox News

This morning, I was about to head out to class when I open the door to my community and see a police officer with a shotgun standing next to my car and telling me to go back inside my apartment. I was wondering what was going on. I went back upstairs and looked from my bathroom window to find out what was happening. All the sudden I hear the one of the 7 police cars’ speakers say “Patrick, this is Orange County police, come out with your hands up”. I decided to record the scene and the police car demanding for the culprit to exit the building.

Shortly after, the police knocked on my door and asked me and my roommates to evacuate the building. So I recorded a little more because I needed to show my professor proof that I could not get to class because my car was being held hostage in the middle of the crime scene and I had nothing on me, not even my wallet to go anywhere. As I stood there I noticed a reporter and camera man from Fox come onto the scene. I automatically became excited about this and started conversation as we all waiting to see what was going to happen.

As the reporter was leaving, she gave me her card to e-mail her any interesting videos or photos that I take. I gladly took her card and started to e-mail her some of the footage that I had on my phone. We had a few emails sent back and forth to each other and I told her how I was an aspiring Broadcast Journalist. I was really excited and it really made me look forward to my future as a new reporter. I hope to be contacting her again soon to see of any available internships at Fox 35 News. Although, I missed class and was stressed at the situation that was going on in my neighborhood and in the apartment right next to mine, the opportunity I got from this today was my silver lining and it just goes to show that there’s always a bright side to everything.

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