Mysterious Polio-like Illness affects kids in California

      Most of them strike without warning. Some can even depilate you. While the others…let us just say that death will be knocking on your doorstep. Diseases. Whether they are a virus, bacteria, or a fungi – diseases can strike without warning. In California, there has been some recent cases of a polio like disease striking fear into the hearts of families. News in California has stated that the Center of Disease Control believe that around 25 families have been affected. Furthermore, this disease does not affect adults, but focuses more in children.  In 2012, authorities believe that Sofia Jarvis was the first case. Her symptoms started with Jarvis having difficulty breathing and wheezing from time to time. Her symptoms progressed to the point where now her left arm is paralyzed, she has weakness in her leg, and she has slight difficulty breathing.
      Authorities of the Center of Disease Control states that families should not be worried due to the fact that this disease, whatever it is, is very rare. However, not all families are feeling that way. Many grandparents and parents remember the polio stricken days very fondly. It was not until the introduction of the Salk vaccine in 1954 that any protection against the polio strand was available. The good news is that it is a known fact that these children do not have polio. The bad news is that they have no idea what it is.
      Places including the California Department of Public Health and the Center of Disease Control of Atlanta has asked health care providers to report any polio-like cases  so that they may be able to identify and capture better specimens. This way, the doctors will be better to assess the situation.  Even though the cause is still unknown, many MRI’s are showing a pattern of inflammation in the spinal cord. All we can do is work together to find a cure. All we can do is pray.
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