Nation’s Best School Tradition: Spirit Splash

Every university has traditions or superstitions that have been passed down from graduating class to graduating class since the opening of the school.  The University of Central Florida is no exception.

During Homecoming week, UCF celebrates with different events for each day of the week.  The events all culminate at the end of the week, when the football team plays, typically at home.  The day before the football game, which is usually on a Saturday, the school holds an annual tradition known as “Spirit Splash”.  Students congregate at the Reflecting Pond located in front of the library to be part of the schools’ tradition.  Throughout the year students walk past the reflecting pond and are denied the opportunity to swim in its crystal clear water.  Spirit Splash allows students to jump in, collect rubber ducks, and dance to the music the DJ plays.

The UCF student body have always enjoyed this annual tradition, and now the country does too.  This year UCF’s Spirit Splash was voted the nations Best Campus Tradition with a rewarded prize of $1,000 towards this years’ event.  Even though UCF is still considered a “young” school, we are winning every competition this year and making a name for ourselves, becoming quite a formidable college.  Our football team has gone up in conferences and has started the year with a 6-1 winning streak, and our annual traditions have beat out every other university to be crowned Nation’s Best Campus Tradition.  UCF is one of the nation’s physically largest universities, and now we have a reputation as large as our student body.

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