Neknominate: New Viral Drinking Game Kills 4 People

The traditional game of “Truth or Dare” has taken to new heights in recent news. Truth or Dare has morphed into Neknominate, an online drinking game that is sweeping across the world, mainly affecting Europe. Originating in Australia, the object of the game is to dare each other to drink in unusual ways or stunts outdoing the person who nominated you. If a person denies the nomination, they will be ridiculed on a social media website such as Facebook or Twitter.

It recently went viral in Europe and sparked a craze where more people are partaking in the dangerous game, going as far as drinking urine in one instance. Four deaths have been reported as of yet, all male under age 30 originating from Great Britain and Ireland. A 19-year-old Irish man jumped off a bridge into a river after chugging a pint of beer. The other, a 22-year-old man died after consuming large amounts of alcohol for a suspected dare.

CNN reports that one 20-year-old British man tried to “outdo” previous competitors by drinking a lethal cocktail containing “a bottle of white wine, a small bottle of vodka, a quart of whiskey and a can of lager.” The other British man, a 29-year-old, died as a result of chugging a pint of vodka.

The dares are usually posted to Social Media networks where the nominee films his/her dare then proceeds to nominate another individual, thus becoming the nekonominator encouraging them to continue the chain. This new drinking game is currently being investigated by European agencies in order to confirm the cause of death in addition to the video evidence found in the 4 deaths of those men.


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