New England Patriots: 2014 Free Agency Preview


So the 2013-2014 NFL season has come and gone and the New England Patriots have once again failed to capture a Super bowl title and didn’t accomplish its Super bowl or bust mantra. So now they head into the offseason with many questions to answer and needs to address in order to make the big game. First they need to decide on what to do with some of their own players that are no longer under contract and those from other teams that are free agents.

For the players that the Patriots have to decide on whether to try and retain for next year there are really 2 players that are most important, wide receiver Julian Edelman and cornerback Aqib Talib. For Julian Edelman, coming off a season where he recorded over 100 catches and over 1000 receiving yards, it’s imperative for the Patriots to bring some continuity back to the offense where it seemed as though he was the only receiver that has real chemistry with quarterback Tom Brady. For Aqib Talib, he is the best player the Patriots have in the defensive backfield, and that has shown in the past 2 AFC Championship games where once he was injured and out the defense couldn’t stop their opponent. So it is important that the organization can get these players back.

As for trying to get free agents from other teams, the Patriots should really focus on 3 positions for next year, wide receiver, tight end, and defensive tackle. The wide receiver and tight end positions need to improve and provide Tom Brady with players to throw to and improve the offense. As for defensive tackle, it is needed for depth behind Vince Wilfork.

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