New Gold iPhone Sold Out Until October

Apple released the new iPhone 5S earlier this week and took the world by storm just like past models. The physical difference of this model is the color schemes of the actual phone. Apple release a third color along with black and white, a gold model. Apple users couldn’t wait to get their hands on this new color, and the gold model is now completely sold out until the second week in October.

Apple sold an estimated 6 million iPhone 5S models during the three day release across about 11 different countries around the world. Apple attempted to attract many users in Asian counties with the gold model. Gold, much like in other countries, is a symbol of wealth and class in these places.

While many physical Apple stores completely sold out of all new 5S models, the black and white 5S models are available online and out to be shipped within the week, however the gold model is completely sold out until October. According to CNN, Apple has asked their phone manufacturers to produce these gold models faster now with the high demand.

My own personally opinion of this is mostly impressed. The only real changes of this new iPhone price besides the price tag, is simply just the color. People are driving everywhere around town to try and find a phone that is just gold colored. Most of these users with these gold iPhones will probably purchase cases that cover up the exterior of the phone anyways. A brilliant idea however from Apple marketing executives as people love the newest flashy phones.

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