New Lace Panty Law has Women Up in Arms against Government

On Monday, three women were arrested in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Nine women were protesting the new lace underwear ban which is set to be put into place July 2014.

According to Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus synthetic lace underwear does not meet the required level of absorption of moister that the new law requires. If an undergarment does not meet the level 6 absorption level it is not allowed to be sold as it is a “safety issue”. Synthetic lace underwear only absorbs at a 3 to 3.6 level. This ban has not been officially set to Russia.

According to The Moscow Times the law did go into effect in 2012 but is not strictly enforced. Most stores are still playing the ‘I had no idea’ card to get away with the sale of lace underwear.

One of the nine women, Iryna Davydenko, talked to NBC news commenting “As if all other issues in the country are solved and the only outstanding issue is ladies’ panties.” The protesters showing their anger towards the new legislation that “wants to decide what they should wear”.

The ladies protested in the capitol of Kazakhstan while wearing lace underwear on their heads. Some demonstrators at the protest reported receiving messages to not show up to the protest according to BBC News. There is word that the ladies of Kazakhstan will be stock piling the lace underwear before the official ban in July.

The Moscow Times reported that The Russian Industry and Trade Ministry announced it would try an nullify the new legislation because of recent criticism of clothing manufacturers.

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