New Star Wars Episode VII Movie Will NOT Have Any Correlation to Expanded Universe

Star Wars has been one of the best selling franchises of all time. From the movies to video games, LEGO’s, and TV shows, this sci-fi fantasy is a money making machine. Another medium to which Star Wars has reached is books. Hundreds of books have been written describing the events that take place in the trilogies, but arguably more interesting are the ones written about the events that take place after the films. This expanded content has grown into a mind boggling universe of characters, planets, and species that never were seen on film.

The expanded universe has an overwhelming following of people who couldn’t get enough. Well known authors such as Timothy Zahn and Kevin J. Anderson owe their success to their Star Wars books about future and past events. Books continue to be written each year refusing to let the story die. Now with the rights of Star Wars being sold to Disney, you can be sure that Star Wars has much more life left. 

Fans are ecstatic about the new films coming out with information and story yet to be released. What has been released, however, is that the movies will take place 30 years after The Return of The Jedi. Not only that, but the movies will not account for the expanded universe. This is causing a stir in the fan base.. There are those who are excited and want to see a new plot and story and there are others who immersed themselves in the off screen adventures and want to see those characters come to life.

Whether or not this was a wise decision by the producers of the new trilogy, you can bet that the following behind these films will be enormous.

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