New Supplement Marketed As Legal Alternative to Adderall

A supplement known as Cerebral Success is being marketed to college student as a legal alternative for those who use ‘study drugs’ such as Adderall and Ritalin without a prescription.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health published their annual report stating that among persons aged 18-22; college students were twice as likely to abuse Adderall without a prescription than those in the same age group. Those who used Adderall without a prescription were more likely to abuse alcohol and other drugs as well.

Trevor Hiltbrand, CEO of Cerebral Success, developed the product while majoring in Finance at Brigham Young University. He initially developed the supplement for himself but soon gained interest from other students looking for an alternative to prescription drug abuse.

“I got known around my campus as being the brain supplement guy,” said Hiltbrand.

Cerebral Success’ website describes the product as a “powerful neurological enhancing supplement”. While the product has yet to be tested by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) it is currently available for purchase. According to their website the product is not meant to act as a replacement for those who are prescribed Adderall by a medical professional. Instead Cerebral Success is a study pill designed to provide users with increased focus and mental energy, effects typically associated with the use of Adderall.

“We cannot make that claim that we treat ADD but we do try to provide an alternative for students who would otherwise illegally use these products,” said Hiltbrand.

Cerebral Success is currently available online through their website but Hiltbrand hopes to have his product in stores near college campuses in the near future. A link to the company’s website and “indie-gogo” campaign are available below.

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