Next Large War Could be Fought with Computers

When war first manifested, it was fought with sticks and stones. We are in an age now where it is likely that the next world war would be fought with computers. Computer hacking has become a permanent resident of international news, it’s a new threat.

There are several chinese hackers that have claimed that they could ‘easily’ take control of American systems. This is a frightening thought, seeing as China is the one of the only other superpowers next to America. War in this age seems a little irrational and doesn’t seem top be a plausible outcome but in the case it is, we might be in trouble. Even the war fought in Iraq is mainly fought by drones and computer controlled machines.

Say there was a world war, it seems it would be the country with the most advanced computing and skilled hackers who would prevail. At this rate, there are only a few countries who would even be able to fight these wars. Second and third world countries would be lost in the process and most likely have no chance at competing with countries like China and the United States.

Of course, ever since war has started it has been the country who has the most advanced technology that wins. Better swords, stronger armor and more innovative weapons have always been the keys to a good military campaign. Things haven’t changed, war should be the last resort, but it has become much less personal and that may not be a bad thing

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