No.1 Offense vs No.1 Defense: A Historic Superbowl Matchup

The Superbowl is the final game of the season in the National Football League. The two best teams in the league play in a highly anticipated and incredibly glorified game to see who gets to take the Lombardi trophy and all the prestige that comes with it.

This year’s matchup was probably among one of the most anticipated ever. On one side there is the Denver Broncos and their record setting offense led by future hall of fame quarterback Peyton Manning; and on the other is the Seattle Seahawks and their stout number one defense. The Denver Broncos led the league in passing touchdowns with 55 (the second team in the league only had 39), and total yards with 7,317(most all time). However, the defense that met them led the league in turnovers generated and taken away. They also allowed the fewest total yards all season (including through the playoffs). Although the Seahawks’ defensive numbers weren’t all record setting throughout the season, they proved to be one of the best ever and made the ultimate statement in the biggest stage in the game against statistically the most productive offensive unit to date. The Superbowl’s final score favored the Seahawks 42-8.

In my opinion, this win has propelled this year’s Seattle Seahawks  team into the kind of stardom that has true fans of the game talking for years .

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