No more cigarette sales in CVS!

Earlier this week, CVS pharmacy chain has announced that as of October 1, 2014 they will no longer be selling cigarettes and other tobacco products. The decision  was made because CVS wanted to begin to help customers maintain a healthy lifestyle. CEO Larry Merlo, stated that the sale of cigarettes simply contradicts what the company would like to stand for.

As of today their plan is to remove cigarettes and tobacco from more than 7,600 stores  between now and October 1st. The sales of cigarettes and tobacco represent about $2 billion dollars of income for CVS. Although this investment will no longer bring money to CVS, plenty of consumers are praising them for the decision.This decision has been gaining nothing but support so far especially from President Obama himself, who looked positively on the decision for “saving lives and lowering healthcare costs.

Although they are eliminating tobacco products to promote healthy well-being, CVS will continue to sell candy and other junk food.  One will still be able to find candy bars, soda, and alcohol products on the shelves. Larry Merlo said “this will be a strategic move with healthy public relations benefits attached to it.

CVS knows that they will be taking the short term financial loss, but  is hoping to position itself in a more favorable relationship with hospitals and doctors. They are also attempting to become one of the first pharmacies to being the trend in stopping the sale of tobacco products.

As of now the decision that CVS made to end tobacco product sales is being done to look out for consumers and ensure a healthier life.

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