North Korea is Running Modern Day Concentration Camps


If you have seen the documentary Camp 14 then you may have a little insight on what is going on in North Korea. The documentary follows a young man who used to be a prisoner in one of the secret prison camps in North Korea. It is eye opening to see that Nazi style tactics are happening to innocent people in the modern world.

The United Nations Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in North Korea investigated the problem and found that North Korean leaders were using torture, slavery, and mass starvation to terrorize the population into submission. “The suffering and tears of the people of North Korea demand action,” UN commission Chairman Michael Kirby told reporters.

The government of North Korea is rejecting the report. They see it as sabotage of the government. The findings will be turned over to the International Criminal Court for possible prosecution. Leader Kim Jong Un could face charges for crimes against humanity. In North Korea’s usual standoff fashion they did not allow the UN access to information on their human rights practices.

The UN interviewed hundreds of witnesses. Their observations match that of documentary Camp 14. People are being imprisoned for things like watching soap operas, trying to find food, and have family members that are considered suspicious to the government. There are stories circulating of starved women being beaten, babies being drowned, and much worse. The UN hopes the world will take a proactive step in helping these innocent people now that the information is available.

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