North Korea Launches Missile

North Korea launched a missile at America on April 12, 2012. The reason that it was launched was due to America’s effort to help their starving population. As a result to trying to help the starving nation, North Korea launched a missile in the direction of the United States, which luckily was short and crashed into the ocean. The launch was estimated at $850 million dollars that was wasted, when the country could be using that money to feed their own people. This frivolous spending is the cause for the population starving as it is, when they could be doing so much to help with that money.

This goes without saying as an act of war. The United States has to have some kind of rebuttal. I know it sounds bad, but there is no way to turn a blind eye to the fact that there was a missile launched at this country. It is especially bad, due to the fact that now we know they are not afraid to fire missiles and start a nuclear war. This being said, a threat of this magnitude can not go unnoticed and can not easily be forgiven. American gov’t needs to show that there is consequences for what North Korea has done. To let such a thing slide could have a spiraling effect on the country, showing that we have no backbone. This is something that can not be supported.

All that being said, I do not agree with America trying to help a country that has been so anti-America for so long. They are ruled by a tyrant who needs to be overthrown, but until this happens the U.S. should keep to our own problems. We are a hurting country as well and need to focus on our problems before trying to go help a foreign country that has many times threatened to launch missiles at America and now has done just that. Keep our help in-house until we are able to help others, and when we get to the point where we can help others, help countries that want and will allow our help.

In short, however this is looked at North Korea just launched a missile at America. For whatever reason it was, it is time to show that this country hasn’t lost it’s backbone even in our time of devastation. I can not help but to think that in previous years of this country we would of already declared war. We are not world police, but we still are a land of the brave and the free, and it’s time to make people remember that.

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