Obamacare Causes More Issues Than Repair

The official website for Obamacare was created and ready for use (or so we thought) from the public earlier last week.  The main issue that arose was the fact that way too many people tried to access the website at one time, which led to a server crash.  The website would not work and people trying to apply for the universal healthcare programs would have to push their application processing and approval dates back, WAY back.

Another issue that made an appearance is that none of the healthcare providers are rated, which leaves the applicants at a loss.  They can easily become confused and informed as to which provider they should use or which one is best for them or approved by the most users.  Healthcare providing companies are upset and irritated by this issue because they are solely being chosen by blind chance now.  If their clientele approves of their service(s), they would naturally want others to know because it would improve their business, which would also directly affect and increase their clientele.  Garry Maisel, CEO of Western Health Advantage states, “We think that is ludicrous.  Consumers deserve to know what is unrated versus what has been around a long time and has a good quality rating.” The federal and state officials decided that ratings of only some insurance companies would reflect poorly, therefore enforcing the decision to not publish any ratings.

I’m actually quite excited to see how universal healthcare will play out in our country.  It has provided great things for other countries around the world and I truly hope it has the potential to provide the same great possibilities for us.

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