Obama’s Negligent Spending

According to Bill O’Reily, in Virginia, President Obama unveiled his new budget, “which calls for $1.3 trillion in deficit spending. The Feds simply do not have the money. They have to borrow it. If the budget passes, it would raise the U.S. debt to more than $16 trillion about $5 trillion of that accumulated on President Obama’s watch: (http://www.foxnews.com/on-air/oreilly/2012/02/14/bill-oreilly-can-somebody-please-lend-my-country-another-trillion#ixzz1n1sIjDx2). O’Reily correctly stated the problem with our current administration. Obama has carefully calculated what he thinks the people of the United States want in the 2012 as a president. The apathetic public want things for free and they are willing to sacrifice some freedoms to get it. Obama thinks he can spend his way out of the recession…this just doesn’t make any sense! Former president George Bush thought this as well. You cannot spend money that you don’t have. We are borrowing money from China and other countries. This will be detrimental because they hold our debt and can theoretically we are at their mercy. This mentality simply weakens the economy. Look at what happened in Europe, specifically Greece (the epicenter of the problem over there). That can easily happen to our economy if people continue to think that our debt is not an issue. The Obama administration has been creating an atmosphere of entitlement for the last four years. If and when we realize that what Obama is doing will create absolute financial and economic ruin they will have to stop the handouts to keep from defaulting (hence Europe’s issues). Then the American people will have been so enabled they won’t know what to do. This will lead to unrest and possibly the dissolve of the America we have fought so hard to make free.

I understand that twenty-five percent of the Grecian working class citizens worked for the government, which clearly exacerbated the problems over there. However, with the American people becoming dependent (and blindly liking and accepting) on Obama care we risk turning into the same dependent, enabled citizens. The same citizens we saw rioting in the streets of Greece with violence and brutality. Is that an America you want to live in?

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