Office Romance: It’s bound to happen.

So you’re attracted to a co-worker?  You’re not alone. reports that a whopping 84% of workers between the ages of 18-29 have admitted to a romantic relationship with a co-worker at some point in their life.  Considering you spend 40 hours per week around your co-workers, you’re bound to find someone you share common interests with.  But is it a good thing?

It has been reported that 30% of office romances end in marriage.  It also has positive affects on the production of each employee.  When two people are involved in a relationship, it tends to improve the communication, teamwork and cooperation of the entire team.  It is thought that the two in the relationship form a bridge to the others and allows everyone to work together and through the couple to complete daily tasks. Positive morale is also thought to be formed amongst co-workers as a result of watching and experiencing other co-workers falling in love.

But it’s not always hearts and flowers with an office romance.  Many times the relationship offers a conflict of interest between the involved parties and their work performance may decline as a result of their attention on one other.  It can also threaten your career advancement, as many top managers will view your affection as unprofessional and distracting.  And if 30% of office romances end in marriage, then 70% end in a break-up and this can lead to problems.  One or both will display a noticeable decline in work production and communication between other co-workers.  It can also lead to jealousy and negative attitudes that can jeopardize even the strongest team of co-workers.

Regardless of how hard we try, office romances will always take place.  When the heart yearns for the attention of a mate, work circumstances rarely reign supreme.  For the sake of everyone in the office, hopefully each office romance falls into the 30% category.

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