Oh Where Oh Where Has Good Music Gone?

Music has taken a toll for the worse. The 21st century has brought upon some of the worst types of music. whatever happened to good lyrical music or even instrumental music that came from the soul? America has lost taste in good meaningful music.The great music of the 60’s 70’s 80’s and 90’s are long gone.  Even popular music and rap has started to adapt this type of genre and has let it influence it in all sorts of ways. The part that is mostly upsetting is that most people that know this are willing to look the other way and not acknowledge this trend.

We have shifted into this Electronic Dance Music fab. The drug influenced music takes electronic beats and makes a so called euphoric experience. What most people don’t understand is that the music itself is like a drug, it hits abnormal brain patterns when listening to it. hence this is why most get a jittery cant stop, wont stop feeling.  This electronic dance music is starting to take over every type of music and making it all sound like just noise.

There is no emotional connection left in this type of music, the meaningful lyrics artist used to pour their hearts out to has become just casual phrases drowned out by thumping and bumping noise.  Talking to people that work in the industry it is very upsetting  to hear that they want to encourage the exploting of this genre because of the money it produces instead of the emotion and conection it is supposed to make you feel. Just because it stimulates the ears and the brain waves in the brain doesn’t make it music.


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