Oklahoma State University Parade Crash

On October 24th, a parade was being held for homecoming week at Oklahoma State University. Marvin Stone, a retired professor, and Bonnie, his wife and OSU employee for 30 years,  were looking to celebrate OSU, but instead tragically both were murdered by Adacia Chambers and her Hyundai Elantra.

Chambers was arrested and charged with DUI and four counts of second degree murder. After also killing a University of Central Oklahoma student,  Nakita Prabhakar. Another employee at the school, Nicollete Strauch, survived the crash, but her 2-year-old son Nash was killed, according to the university.

This wasn’t the only damage that occurred. Ms. Chambers also managed to injure dozens of people, with 11 victims younger than 13. Student Kailey Carter told KJRH she saw something black coming towards, and “I didn’t know what it was at first, so I just got up and ran,” Carter said. “The car hit me as it was stopping, and then I flew over some strollers.”

That gives you an idea of the type of crowd that was at this parade. Children, long-time employees, and students coming together to appreciate their program and express school pride and cheer on their nationally ranked unbeaten football team. That shocking thing was this crash happened before noon.

It’s unclear what was in Adacia Chambers’ system, but whatever it was, it just ruined her and many other peoples lives.

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