Old News to New News

While technology takes over, the newspaper battles to stay in the running as a go to for our daily dish of news.  In today’s world, we have access to news almost anywhere at our fingertips.  Every newspaper has gone online, and news covers the front page of our internet web browsers.  I am one of those old souls who still enjoys to sit down with my coffee and read the paper, but their are fewer and fewer people who can say the same.   Part of the reason the papers have lost readers is not only the generation transition, but lack of quality of the newspapers.  I can only imagine that the newspapers are having their budgets cut constantly, which can only sacrifice the quality and length of stories more and more.

Not only do newspapers have to adjust to the changes in technology.  Advertisers are having to change the way they reach people constantly.  Ever since the invention of the VCR and DVR, people have the ability to completely skip over commercials.  This has left marketers scrambling for new ways to get their products to the public.  This area of the market probably does not have the same budget cuts as newspapers, but they are dealing with the same issue.

So keep your newspapers in a safe place.  They might be worth something one day.  Our children’s children may not even know what a newspaper looks like, the same way children being born today may never know what a house phone looks like.

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