Open Letter to College Football Players

Okay, mostly just football players.

Are you ready?


I’m being serious! Stop it!

It’s getting ridiculous.

Yes, the university you play for is making millions of dollars off of your hard work, but they’re paying for your education. You’ve earned a free education through hard work and determination. Don’t throw it away! Stealing a classmates laptop might seem like a good idea, but no…it doesn’t seem like a good idea. That is a thoroughly awful idea. The same could be said for driving with a suspended licence. Or buying and selling drugs. Or robbing a bank. All things that collegiate football players have been charged with in just the last year.

Those aren’t even the worst.

On February 17th, Utah defensive tackle Koliniasi Mona Leota was arrested for attacking his wife and threatening to kill her in front of their children.

in 2012, the University of Iowa had 15 players arrested. That’s 14 more than Winthrop University, who only managed one. For shame, Winthrop.

The University of Tennessee trumps both, as they managed to have 20 players arrested in a 16 month period.

The four young men who recently found themselves ousted from the Alabama football program are just the latest, but they certainly won’t be the last.


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