Orlando and the abundance of things to do!

Shawn Presley

Growing up in central Florida I believe it’s easy to take for granted the multitude of things that are available. After going on a date night with my girlfriend I understand this is a feature of the city that I have so long overlooked. Tonight I enjoyed a hhilarious Improve show at Point Orlando of the famous Comedian Michael Blackson. Later we took a trip and enjoyed the scenery of CityWalk after contemplating Downtown and it’s abundance of Bars.

Before you conclude that I have gone completely mad, if you examine the theme parks, sites, bars andrestaurants, Orlando is a premier metropolitan in the nation. Although the commercial notoriety is not as popular or prevalent as a New York or Hollywood, our city Holds it’s own.

The construction of Interstate 4 gives testament that the city isexperiencing significant growth, not just in population but also infrastructure. I predict in the next 50 years Central Florida will be a premier site of tourism, sporting both collegiate and professional, and business with out ever growing commerce. Orlando, FL is my home and I am more than proud to be a resident of this vibrant busseling metropolitan.

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