Oscar Mayer’s New Invention is the Stuff of Dreams

Just when we thought the human race had run out of things to invent, here comes Oscar Mayer. Yes, I am talking about the company that produces bits of meat to put in between bread slices. So, what are they doing in a conversation about technology?

Oscar Mayer has reportedly released a new device named the “Oscar Mayer Wake Up & Smell The Bacon”, and it does exactly what its name suggests. It is an alarm clock that releases the scent of delicious bacon as it wakes you up in the morning. Mind. Blown.

Physically, it is a small black device that plugs into the bottom of your phone, and is controlled by an application. The scent is released through a small hole on the right side of the device. When the alarm goes off, the app produces the smell of bacon sizzling and the smell is released via a Glade PlugIn which uses the power of the phone to launch that beautiful scent into the nostrils of the user.

The price of this device has not yet been revealed, however, I am sure it will sell a considerable amount due to the fact that pretty much 100% of people love bacon. The only problem I see with it is that once it is used, whoever is woken up is pretty much obliged to cook up some bacon right away. There is really nothing worse than taking in that seductive smell and not being able to relieve the watering mouth that was caused as a result.

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