Our Brains, An Expanding Void of Thoughts

Over the years people have wondered about reading other peoples minds and exploring the place that we call “The Brain”. Scientists are still puzzled with how our brain works and if it is possible to read minds by looking at brain wave statistics. Jack Gallant, a neuroscientist at the University of California predicts that in 50 years people will be wearing devices called “Google Hats” which will be able to read thoughts. These devices will continuously decode our thoughts and may be able to transmit our thoughts to a foreign language which will help societies all over the world communicate with each other.

What you need to read thoughts include good mathematical models to measure the brain and high speed computing. Gallant said that there is a possibility that you can measure brain waves using an EEG which measures electrical activity. Also an fMRI can measure brain activity and the changes in blood oxygen levels. An EEG is a two-dimensional model which would give an accurate model of the measured electric waves in the brain. For instance, a recent study showed that scientists were able to reconstruct a face that a person was viewing using the fMRI. The scientists then continued to show the patient 300 different faces which their brain had different combinations of waves for. Brain activity patterns are able to give the researchers enough information to develop a specific image that the person is viewing. This concept marks the age of reading minds and ultimately foreshadows new technology in the coming ages.

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