Our Eyes Are Bigger than Our Stomachs

The web is bad for us.  I realize that now.  We sit and wish for an open web that bobs about with the easy freedom of open communication, the ebb and flow of the World Wide Web, but at the same time we lament the death of our ability to focus.  If our ability to focus and concentrate suffers, our work will suffer, and if our work suffers isn’t that pretty much the end of civilization?  Anyone who watches Breaking Bad knows all it takes is one distraught air traffic controller to cause an airplane to crash.  But what if all the workers of the world were not distracted from their work by family matters or current events, but by a video of a cute kitten stretching when it’s owner pets it.   My God!  Planes will be falling to the earth like missiles sent from some 1950’s Soviet demigod here to rain destruction and doom upon the distracted.  Traffic signals will be all out sync, cars will pile up until our roads look more like a dematerialized zone out of a war movie.  And our pets!  We will be so distracted watching other pets on the Web that we’ll forget to feed our own!  And then, and only then, when we turn our heads away from the vastness of the Web to gaze out upon the wasteland we have created for ourselves in our own backyard, wrought with fuselages of downed Boeings jutting up out of the ground like some sort of twisted direction sign pointing us down our own path of damnation littered with Tweets and blogs and Instagram’d pictures of those fish tacos our friend ate for lunch, with the half squeezed lime so artfully arranged so that its in the shadows cast by those doing the same exact thing for their friends to see, only better, then we can say it was all the Webs fault (after realizing, of course, that mankind is now doomed and returning to reading some memes on Tumblr [haha socially awkward penguin, you so crazy.]).


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