Our Virtual Communication Is At An All Time High

Throughout the years, people have been trying to find new ways to meet each other. Whether it’s been through social gatherings at school, mixers, or anything else, people just want to meet. With the invention of the internet, this process became more available then ever and is only growing. Dating websites and social media are everywhere on the web. Television commercials for Match.com say that 1 in 5 relationships meet online these days. That number is incredibly fascinating. It’s not all about going out and socializing, it’s also just putting your profile up on a website and waiting for a match.

Another area where we interact is our social media. Websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and so much more allow people to interact through multiple outlets. Whenever people today meet each other, one of their first responses is to go home and add their new friend on Facebook. Then they see their pictures and statuses and can like or comment on them. This brings a whole new aspect of social interaction. Twitter allows us to speak our minds and for people to respond to our thoughts, while Instagram allows us to post up to date pictures of what’s happening in our lives and where we are. Apps like FourSquare allow people to check in to places and people can follow you and see where you are at all time. These different outlets allow us to interact with each other like never before. With the way our technology is expanding, there is no reason our ability to interact with each other can’t grow even more.

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