Overweight Babies

Unfortunately, we all know Americans are known for being fat. Obesity over the past few years has sky rocketed. Commercial after commercial we see weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers that attempt to make a difference in our daily habits of what we put into our mouths. Now a days, you can’t go to the grocery store without having twenty different items inform you how their product has the least amount of saturated fat. Even the First Lady, Michelle Obama is trying to help America in our children’s problem with being overweight. Yet, we still hold the title of having the country’s highest amount of overweight people in the world.

Some say obesity starts as a child. It depends whether or not your parents gave you a healthy diet growing up, or if you actively exercised with the other kids in the neighborhood. Now studies are showing that for some, obesity starts even earlier than that. A new thing called, “Sumo Babies” which are babies that are born who weigh more than eleven pounds. These babies have double the risk of being overweight as adults. Who gives birth to Sumo Babies you may ask? Overweight women. Women who are overweight that get pregnant have a higher risk of passing down the ‘fat genes’ to their child. If giving birth to an eleven pound doesn’t sound bad enough, what about knowing your child is going to have diabetes before they are even born.

I know it’s a free country and people can eat as much as they please. Yet, if you’re planning to get pregnant and hope to have a healthy baby, I believe more woman should take a look in the mirror and see if they are taking well enough care of themselves before they can take well enough care of a new born. Part of me wishes that if you’re not in good enough health you should be able to have a baby. I know that sounds awful, and for a select few it’s not their fault that they are unhealthy. But those who realize they are overweight and have diabetes shouldn’t pass that on to an innocent new born. You don’t wake up one day and are fat, it doesn’t happen overnight. People are either in denial or blind if they can’t see that being three hundred pounds isn’t a healthy weight, especially to bear a child.

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