Parents Forgive Sons who Attacked Them. The Brothers Allegedly Tried To Kill Their Mom and Dad.

Two young Atlanta brothers allegedly tried to kill their parents on early September 2015 and their parents finally speak publicly about the unfortunate even for the first time. Seventeen year old Cameron Ervin and twenty-two year old Christopher Ervin were the individuals who attempted to kill Yvonne Ervin and Zachery Ervin (their parents). The brothers allegedly tried to drug their parents and blowup their Gwinnett County Atlanta home. Parents spoke to the press for the first time after the incident stating they forgive their two sons; they do not know what the motive for this devastating event was, but it does not matter because they love their children unconditionally, have already forgive them, are trying to move on, and they want the community to do the same.

Both parents are dealing with severe physical injuries caused by their two boys. The Ervin brothers are both facing charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and arson; moreover, they were arrested on September fifth and are both currently behind bars without a bond. The younger brother still just seventeen years old will be charged as an adult. Yvonne Ervin said her husband and her are healing both mentally and physically and are trying their best to fully recover from their nearly death experience. The couple understand the consequences their two sons are facing, but support their attackers no matter what and are praying the world forgives them as well.

The love of a parent is unconditional for their child. No matter what a son or daughter do, mom and dad will always provide their forgiveness and their love.



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