Paris Comes Together After Terrorist Attack and Plans Next Steps

After the attack on Paris earlier this week French warplanes made a counter attack on Islamic state positions in Syria. This state took responsibility for killing more than 130 people in suicide bombing and shootings. This was a tragedy that was seen across the world. People instantly took to social media to send their prayers to Paris and many monuments around were lit up in the colors of their flag.

Currently there is a search for a Belgian man who is thought to have organized the attack with members of his family. There were also seven other Belgians involved in the attacks that were identified by the police. One man managed to escape their grasp, he is thought to be the one who organized the cars for the attack.A couple of the attakers have been identified from evidence that they left behind.

Pop-up memorials have started to appear at the four sites of the attacks. People have come by to lay flowers, say prayers and light candles to remember and honor those who were killed. There were reported at least 89 people died in that single incident on Friday night at Bataclan concert hall. Over 100 people have been identified including foriegners who were just out having a nice time on a Friday in one of the world’s most popular cities.

This is not the first attack that France has had this year earlier this year there was an attack at a super market killing 17 people. With both of these attacks France is united in the defense of freedom of speech, and they are showing their strength as a country by coming together.

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