Paul George and the Indiana Pacers defeat the Atlanta Hawks to even the series 1-1.

For a second, many people around the world thought the Atlanta Hawks were going to drop the Pacers to 0-2 for the series after the Hawks out played Indiana in the first half. The Pacers then started to put the game out of reach as they went on a 25-2 run heading into the fourth quarter. Indiana did a great job offensively as everybody was making their shots. Power Forward Luis Scola was making a lot of mid-range shots, and finished the game with 20 points and seven rebounds. Point Guard George Hill of the Pacers scored all of his points in the second half of the game and finished with 15 points.

However, the player of the game was All-Star Small Forward Paul George of the Indiana Pacers. George has been played at an All-Star level since the beginning of the season as he scored 27 points with 10 rebounds and 6 assists. This is a huge win for the Pacers, and it will give the players a lot of confidence heading into game 3. The Pacers look like they are getting back to playing hard-nosed basketball after tonight’s win. If the Pacers play like they did in the second half of the game tonight, they’ll definitely knock out the the Atlanta Hawks and move on in the playoffs.

The Pacers are currently 56-26 and have the best record in the NBA. Many sports reporters predicted Indiana to win the NBA championship in the beginning of the season. The Pacers were dominating throughout the regular season, but at times they struggled again some teams. Even after tonight, even though the Pacers won, it’s not a guarantee they will knock the Atlanta Hawks out of the playoffs because the team has been playing poorly defensively for the first two games of the series. Like I’ve already said, if the Pacers played like they did tonight against the Hawks in the second half, they’ll move on in the playoffs.

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