People Sending Audition Tapes for a Chance to Live on Mars

The astronaut training programs have been known to be some of the more difficult vocational tests in the United States. But recently, the ticket to go to space is only worth a personally recorded interview from just about any citizen who has a strong desire to live the remainder of their lives on our close planetary brother, Mars.

The whole process has got a lot of people questioning the validity of the situation as a whole. Sending regular citizens on a mission to a planet with a viscous environment like Mars almost seems irresponsible. The whole purpose of the Mars One mission is to break out from a global species into an interplanetary species, and many would think that it would take trained scientists or astronauts to make this journey.

There is a bright side to this situation. Thankfully, the applicants being chosen are generally grad students and weathered scientific professionals. They will go through a challenging course of tests, which will in theory, train them for their permanent vacation. Eighty percent of the applicants have been men and only twenty percent have been women. Not only will the people chosen have a chance to create the first settlement on Mars, but they will also be starring in a documentary based on the Mars voyagers. The group chosen will be sent in groups of four, two men and two women.

Although the mission’s selection process may have been unorthodox, the mission itself is a monumental statement for humankind. It will be the first of many hopeful trips to Mars, and will feasibly create a new frontier for people to explore and habitat.

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