Peyton Manning… The Greatest Quarterback to Ever Play?

The 2013 NFL season is a month in, and one thing remains the same.  Peyton Manning is establishing himself as possibly the greatest quarterback of all time.  He doesn’t have the Super Bowls that Montana, Elway, or Aikman has (even though he does have one), but he could be the most naturally gifted QB that has ever stepped on the field.

If you just watch this guy play you can’t help but be impressed.  His passes are a thing of beauty.  He knows exactly where to go with the ball no matter what type of formation the defense is in.  He makes the entire team around him better.  There is nothing else he has to accomplish, but he keeps on impressing.  His game is literally poetry in motion.  Not only do I believe he is the greatest QB of all time, I think he could be in the ranks with Lebron James and Micheal Jordan as one of the greatest athletes of all time.  People are going to laugh at that statement, but you can’t deny that the guy is magic when a football is in his hand.  He has one Super Bowl victory, he is 3rd all time with over 60,000 yards passing.  Peyton Manning has 450 touchdowns and has lead his teams to a 158-70 overall record.  In fact only twice in his career has his teams been under .500.  That is extremely impressive.  And to top it off, he is having an absolutely fabulous 2013 season to start.

Through four games Peyton Manning has nearly 1,500 yards passing, and 16 touchdowns.  He is completely passes at over a 70% completion rate and is averaging nearly 10 yards a pass.  And the crazy thing is he has not one interception in close to 160 passing attempts.  He could almost sit for the rest of the season and still win the MVP award.  The only thing he needs this season is a Super Bowl and he will go down as the greatest quarterback to ever step on a football field.  I think he is even without another ring.  We shall see.

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