Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning is in his later years of football. He is injury prone, which happens with old age. His playing may have been altered by his latest injury, because nobody has seen him play for almost a season due to his injury that left him benched most of last season. Denver is taking a big chance when they have picked him up and trading Tim Tebow.


Tim Tebow is a quarterback who is never on the same game, he is up and down. He is well known because he is heavily into Christianity, that is rare among athletes these days. However this does not make him an all star quarterback. He does have some all star games, but they are few and far between. Even though he is not the best quarterback in the league, he does bring a lot of attention to any team that he plays on due to his morals. When trading him, Denver has made a good choice. He is a quarterback with a tendency to panic and run, when these days there needs to be a qb that can sit in the pocket calmly. Denver is making a good choice in this trade.


Peyton Manning on the other hand is everything that Tim Tebow is not. Manning is a taller man, with less speed but he does not spook easily. It will be a very big change for denver, they will have to protect the pocket more. This is good and bad for a new team. It is a change for the offensive line, because they will have to protect him longer, but it also gives the receivers more time to run their routes and furthermore get open. Peyton is a all star qb, who has a precision arm and can read the defense very well. These are things that the broncos have been lacking in past years. Manning will give the Denver Broncos everything that they have been missing, leading to a great season.


The Denver Broncos are completely changing the style of their offense. They are taking a huge chance in the change of their offense, this means that the whole offensive unit will have to adjust to their new qb Peyton Manning. This is not a bad trade though, the broncos are getting a tremendous gain in Peyton Manning. Even though he has been injured for the last season, I doubt it has changed his play style or his accuracy and arm strength. Denver Broncos seem to have made the right choice in my eyes, however only time will truly tell

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