“Pint-Sized” Hollywood Legend, Mickey Rooney, Passes Away.

Mickey Rooney, the legendary Hollywood actor known for his great and diverse skills, his diminutive size, and his eight marriages, has died at age 93.

From the Associated Press:

Los Angeles Police Commander Andrew Smith said that Rooney was with his family when he died Sunday, April 6th, at his North Hollywood home. Smith said police took a report but indicated that there was nothing suspicious and it was not a police case and he had no additional details on the circumstances of Rooney’s death.

He is survived by his wife, Jan, and nine children.

Looking back over his nearly 90 year career, Rooney can be garnished with the title as a “ground breaking” comic who conquered the big screen for most of the last 10 decades.

He has been the recipient of 2 honorary Academy Awards, 4 Oscar nominations, 2 Golden Globes & 1 Emmy Award.

He was a native of Brooklyn, New York, but lived for most of his life in Westlake Village, California. Rooney was born Joseph Yule Jr. in New York in September 1920. He made his stage debut at just 15 months old in his parents vaudeville act. His last big movie was only little time ago, in 2006 with the Night at the Museum franchise. However, the comic machine has been active in at least 4 TV and film roles since 2006, up until his death.



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