Play Station 4 Sells Over 1 Million Units in First 24 Hours. Will Xbox One do the same?

It’s winter and that means only one thing, new gamming consoles. Friday was the day Sony’s newest state of the art gaming console, the Play Station 4, was released and did it go off with a bang.

Sony reports that their new Play Station 4 sold over one million units within the first 24 hours of being for sale. People braved the elements waiting in lines outside of stores like Best Buy and Game Stop to get their hands on the newest gaming technology. This new Play Station 4 is supposed to be a huge upgrade from Sony’s previous gamming console, the Play Station 3. The Play Station 4 is supposed to have better graphics, faster load times, and hopefully not the bugs and other problems its predecessor had. Fans of the Play Station 4 will have plenty of new game titles that will be available just for Play Station 4 users that Xbox One, which is the newest gaming console from Microsoft, which is supposed to launch this Tuesday, will not have.

The big question arises though, what new generation gaming system should you buy. This really comes down to what you have been playing your whole life. If you have been using Microsoft’s Xbox gaming system you will most likely purchase the new Xbox One and if you have been using Sony’s Play Station’s you will most likely purchase the Play Station 4. The two systems will probably never be cross compatible so the two companies will most likely always have the same people buying their products.

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