Playing to your Audience: The Art of Reading Body Language

We’ve heard it since we were young, “body language tells more of a persons’ emotion than the words themselves.” It seems rather obvious that sometimes people cover up what they are really trying to say verbally but don’t understand that their body shows the whole story. Taking this observation practice from subconscious act to the conscious realm entails enough benefits that will help in just about any interpersonal communication situation.

Take for instance the job interview. Many times, people are unsure whether to attack and fight for the position aggressively, or to sit back and take a more subservient role. Here is a prime example of when reading a persons posture and physical attitude will come in handy. Step one, really look hard at the person interviewing you. Are their shoulders held high and tight or slouched? Their facial expression, is it stern or accepting? How do they hold their hands when talking and listening? All of these factors come into play when deciding how best to approach your answers during the interview.

Of course you can’t tell everything strictly from the way a person carries themselves; however, using both words and posture together will absolutely give an accurate view of the person with whom you are talking. Being able to pack this bit of knowledge in your communication toolbox affords you endless advantages among others in the world. After all, how can we communicate with many without knowing the basics of talking to one?

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