Please Help Me Find Molly: The Medical Side Effects of Doing Drugs!

While the new fad for EDM music is becoming extremely popular, with EDM music comes the drug MDMA. Short for methylenedioxymethamphetamine, this name is nearly as long as the all-night parties where MDMA is used.  And while many people who take MDMA think that there are no side effects in taking this drug, any word as long as the one that stands for MDMA should never be put in someone’s body without knowing that there are extreme side effects when using this drug.

To start off, common slang words used for the term MDMA are names like “Ecstasy” and “Molly”. While these slang words probably have more drugs in them than just the pure substance of MDMA, a lot of people would be surprised to know what exactly is found in MDMA. When testing ingredients found in random supplies of MDMA, scientists would find drugs such as Heroine, methamphetamine, cocaine, and even horse tranquilizers. MDMA is a man-made drug that contains many different chemicals that are added in Ecstasy or Molly tablets. While makers can add absolutely anything and everything they want to the drug, many people taking these tablets think that its pure MDMA, when just about any Molly tablet you take will never be “pure”.

One tablet of MDMA lasts from anywhere between 4-8 hours. Once the pill is swallowed, it takes about 20 minutes for the drug to enter the bloodstream and reach the brain. Many different people will experience many different situations when taking this drug. Some include a loss of sense of time and experience changes in perception, such as enhanced sense of touch, anxiety and agitation, the sweats and chills or feeling dizzy and light headed.

Even if a person takes just one pull, the side effects of MDMA can last for several of days. MDMA can cause muscle tension, nausea, blurred vision, increased heart rate and blood pressure, forceful cleaning of the teeth, depression, anxiety, memory difficulties and other symptoms occur from using this drug.

So while going to festivals and clubs is fun, not everyone has to use drugs in order to have a good time. Now knowing the side effects of what this kind of drug can do to you, next time you decide to go out and have some fun, think before using MDMA, because one time of using this drug could possibly be your last!

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