Poisoned Meatballs Found in a Colorado Dog park

Animal cruelty has reached a new level. Dog owners in Boulder, Colorado are being warned of poisoned meatballs at the very popular Gunbarrel Dog Park. The Anger and frustration of Dog owners  is surrounding the dog park on Buckingham Road. Animal Control was called to the scene after several dogs who had reportedly been playing at the park began feeling sick Monday night. Animal control found several, raw meatballs with poison mashed in them at the popular dog park. At least three dogs ate them, and many others could be sick as well.

Gibbs, a 6-year-old Lab, is one of the dogs who ingested the poison. His owner noticed him panting heavily. He didn’t seem well, so he was taken to the vet. It’s a good thing he went.  Many Owner Like Keith Norman are disgusted by such an unmoral act and are frightened that their dogs could be at risk  “It’s frightening, it’s scary, it’s sick. It’s really sick,” said dog walker, Keith Norman. Animal Control has placed several notices around the park warning of these poisoned meatballs.

The Boulder County sheriffs department is investigating the incident. So far we have learned that rat poison was laced with the meatballs and were placed in the park with the intention for pets to eat them.  Over Easter weekend five more meatballs were found for a total of Nine. The Meatballs are now being tested for traces of human DNA but suspects have yet been identified. A $4,500 reward has been offered for information on the poison meatballs found. A similar case was seen On February 22 in San Fransisco California when Thirty Five meatballs were found in a local dog park.

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