Police All Over the Country Send out Public Warning about Gangs

Lately I have been reading about Sheriff’s offices from all over the country have been giving out Public warnings about gang initiation so I decided to blog about my thoughts.  Gang violence has always been a threat to many young woman and even men as well.  They have come up with plenty of strategies in order to reel their victims in so they can be initiated into the gang of their choice.  Apparently Police have a high level of gang intelligence according to all of these warnings that have been posted throughout the U.S.

Although police are letting the public know not to be overly alarmed because of these threats but they are just warning people when they notice an increase in crimes like these gang wars.  Recently, I have read a few articles about how gangs are now putting a baby car seat on the side of the road with a fake baby in it and a blanket covering it.  This usually encourages young women (their main victims) to pull over and check on this object.  Well, little do they know they are being set up by gang members who will kidnap anyone who stops, bring them down to a wooded area, and rape or beat them; sometimes even kill the victim.  It is not very surprising to me the things gangs come up with in order to initiate members but it is certainly horrific.

I also came across an article where a young girl was driving and noticed there was a car behind her who put his lights not but it was not a registered cop car.  Luckily, she called a hotline that her parents gave her when she was younger and they told her there were no registered cop vehicles in that area and to keep driving because they were sending back up.  She continued to drive and the cops pulled that car over and she realized this guy was not a cop, but a registered sexual predator.  It amazes me that she got away but even though he may have not been part of a gang, it is still something young woman should be cautious about.

Police will continue to do their jobs and it’s amazing to me how quickly they catch on to gang tactics because the public should be aware of things like this.  This happens all over the world and the only thing we can do it be careful of our surroundings and when suspicious of something like the young woman was above, make sure you do everything in your will to protect yourself.

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