Politics as Usual…

It is an election year.  The year that everyone becomes a political pundit.  We are being bombarded with political ads from all directions, party conventions, speeches, and soon debates.  A year ago, Barack Obama tried to implement a major recovery act for our out of work citizens called the Jobs Act.  This legislation would have been a combination of tax cuts and spending increases to state and local governments and it was estimated to create around 1.3 million jobs.  Unfortunately, this plan was never implemented because House Republicans have used their majority to block the act every time it is presented.  What is unfortunate is that many people that could have been put to work are at a disadvantage because of it.  Republicans, are now running on a platform that blames the president for the lack of jobs created and for the overall state of the economy.  This kind of political approach is what citizens of this country are tired of and what leads to such bad opinions of politicians and congress in general.

I follow politics and government pretty closely, and this has been an issue for awhile, not just in election season.  Republicans are using the lack of jobs to try and take the White House in November.  So not only have they blocked people from gaining jobs, they have not even let the president implement his jobs plan, but yet when asked Republicans will tell you that Mr. Obama’s jobs tactics have been a complete failure.  This kind of double talk and the actions by congressional Republicans is not at all honest and it is something that I hope people are aware of come time to vote.  We need to compromise and do what is best for the country, not sabotage it.  If Obama is re-elected I hope this changes and if Romney is elected hopefully the Democrats do not stonewall the newly elected president the way their colleagues did previously.

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