Pot makes it’s debut alongside cotton candy this year at a Colorado county fair.

Denver Colorado will see a new addition to it’s traditional plant growing competitions, and carnival games: Marijuana. The recently legalized herb is expected to be seen in events such as a joint rolling competition, THC baking contests, and hemp created fabric displays.

The events featuring marijuana will not be open to all fair goers, you must be twenty one years of age or older to be given access to the county fair’s “Pot Pavilion”. Other restrictions reflect the cautious nature our country still has towards marijuana: the joint rolling competition will use oregano as a stand in for pot, and the pot plants themselves will not be present in the fair’s pavilion, only photos of the plants.

Other interesting events held at Denver’s county fair include a Doritos eating competition, home brewed beer, wine, and liquor judging, a text messaging speed contest, and a bicycle rodeo. This reflects the organizer’s goal to create a cool urban element to help grow past their previous year’s attendance number of 20,000.

Tracy Weil, the Denver County Fair’s marketing and creative director commented on their county’s new twist to the traditional view of a country fair: “We thought it was time for us to take that leap and represent one of the things Denver has going on.” The Denver county fair, which first started in 2011, will remain alone in it’s state with additions of marijuana themed contests. Routt County Fair organizers in western Colorado voted last year against allowing pot related attractions into their event, and the Colorado State Fair officials have shown no interested in making Marijuana additions to their state fair.

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