Product Reliability: Economic Security or Cheap Manufacturing?

It comes as no surprise that Sony plans to release a new console as well this holiday season alongside Microsoft’s release of their Xbox One. Sony’s has decided their console shall be called the PlayStation 4 due to the past models of the systems going by a similar name with a different number. The obvious question some holiday consumer would ask might be how much does it cost in comparison to the Xbox One. Well between Sony and Microsoft we’re probably talking about a rough hundred dollar difference give or taxes considering one system-the Xbox-comes with the Kinect Camera, while the PS4 does not come with a camera.

Now depending on what kind of shopper you are an additional camera feature could mean the difference between a happy purchase or an unnecessary expense. Right now the PlayStation 4 will sell for about a three hundred and ninety-nine dollar price range-call it four hundred if we round up-that sounds like an ideal purchase for any person of any age. However, I had some small concerns due to the fact that when the Sony Corporation first launched their PS3 back in two thousand and six it cost a whapping six dollars a unit.  Realistically, that’s far too big an asking price on the something that was just released since anyone could walk into a Wal-Mart and purchases an Xbox 360 for roughly two or three hundred dollars. Nevertheless, Sony seems to have learned from their past mistakes so that this year’s console launch is a successful one. However, the one underline problem with a cheap product is how it’s made or how durable it is. What’s the lifespan of this new console and what problems might we experience with it on day one when it’s release? I guess only time will tell if the PlayStation 4 will be a great product or a big economic crisis for Sony this coming holiday season.

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